• Dedicated to Disability Practice

    The Law Offices of Michael Hartup devotes its full practice to the representation of disabled individuals who are seeking Social Security disability benefits and veterans disability compensation. We know disability law. We don’t stretch ourselves thin trying to practice in multiple areas of law. All of our resources and efforts are dedicated to winning the benefits you need.

  • Handles All Aspects of the Claims and Appeals Process

    The Social Security disability claims process can be daunting. There are countless applications, questionnaires, appeal forms, and releases to complete. For someone unfamiliar with the forms, the task of completing them all can be overwhelming. Knowing when and what appeals to file is critical to keeping your claim alive. At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup we can advise you on how to file your application, and we will manage your case through every step of the administrative appeals process including arguing your case to a Federal Administrative Law Judge.

  • Compassionate and Respectful Representation

    We know that you have been treated like a number; that you have not been allowed to tell your whole story; that denials have been based upon misinformation or missing information; and that you feel like that your attempts to clarify your issues have fallen on deaf ears. At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup we will treat you like person you are.

  • Serving West Tennessee and Surrounding Areas

    We represent clients who reside throughout West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. We routinely practice at hearings in Jackson, Dyersburg, Paris, Memphis, Nashville, Franklin, and Paducah.